Category: JavaScript

PhoneGap Camera Plugin

First off, in the terminal navigate to the root directory of your phone gap application. Next run this command to install the camera app dependencies: cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-camera . You may also need to navigate to the plugin’s folder and run npm install . Your index.js file should look a little something like this: […]

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Compile JavaScript in your Sublime Text 3 Editor

So I was going through tutorials on JavaScript loops and such. I needed to find a better way of compiling my JavaScript to streamline the whole process. So I looked into a build process for JS within the text editor, I already had one in place to launch the webpage in Chrome but nothing for […]

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Getting Started With TypeScript

TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript which allows you to write either regular vanilla JavaScript, or, by following the syntactic grammar that TypeScript has developed. It allows you to write classes and functions short hand which is then compiled into robust and scalable JavaScript. If you would like to read through the documentation for typescript […]

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